000004610027XSmall_tcm25-19013Check out the compliments from our agents as to why they work Elite Team Realty:


From Cheryl:

I feel Elite Team Realty has a genuine concern for me. The broker and office manager emails or calls me back right away. The one thing I enjoy about becoming an affiliate of Elite Team Realty is that I am not required to do desk time. I did not want to be with an agency where I had to pay them to ‘rent’ a desk or do desk time. They allow me to still work a full time teaching job.


From Brian:

Great people and great environment


From Kristen:

I’ve never felt not included or distant from management. Elite Team Realty is always keeping up with research to continue to get our name out to the public along with its strong team.

The one thing I enjoy the most since becoming an affiliate of Elite Team Realty is learning the business and new ideas to improve myself as an Elite Sales associate. I chose Elite Team Realty because of the time to learn one on one. I think Ana and Joe are doing great! There is nothing that I would change about Elite Team Realty


From Christine:

I enjoy the warm and Friendly atmosphere and the feeling of being part of a “family”. I wanted to be a part of an agency that wasn’t a giant cold corporation, I’d had enough of that. Thanks to Ana and Joe and the rest of the team, I’m finally feeling comfortable enough to focus on my business and not worry about corporate issues and their fees.

Especially grateful to Joe and Ana.


From Kelly:

The people by far have been the best part of being an agent with Elite Team. These are the types of things that can make or break your experience, and I have to say, I have never once questioned my loyalty to this office.

I have always been a big supporter of small businesses, and did not feel the corporate, big-boxy agency type was a fit for me. I enjoy the “home-town” feel in an office and Elite gives that to me. Whether you are a seasoned agent or just getting started, I whole heartedly believe this is the place to be.


From Jan:

Real benefits of working at Elite Team Realty:

  • Broker and Manager Assistance always available, as needed by agent
  • no floor time required, but available if desired
  • company paid signs, advertising and supplies
  • training sessions
  • minimal fees, low E&O per transaction fee
  • convenient Route 9 location

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