“We have clients coming from all over,” Anamaria Del Valle of Elite Team Realty in New Jersey says. It’s no surprise that when somebody works with Elite Team Realty for the first time, they end up referring everyone they know. Over the last decade and a half, Anamaria has worked with buyers and sellers of all kinds primarily in Ocean, Monmouth, and Atlantic Counties. She built her business with an entrepreneurial spirit and has continued her agency with that same mentality at the forefront.

Anamaria Del Valle

Anamaria Del Valle says her initial goal was to build a team of like-minded individuals predicated on making sure the customer is understood. She encourages free-thinking and flexibility, as long as the client always comes first and work gets done. “It’s all about service and presenting a LIFESTYLE to potential out of town and local buyers and sellers.,” she told us. Anamaria goes on to emphasize the importance of focusing on one client at a time rather than bulking them together in an effort to make a quick commission like most realtors do. She makes sure that both herself and the team exude care, honesty, and integrity. It’s more than just selling real estate, it’s about selling a lifestyle to potential customers. Anamaria and her team are well versed in the local areas and what each one has to offer. Being close to the shore there is so much to see and clients are not only getting house tours but they are getting neighborhood tours as well. The Jersey Shore is full of marinas, beaches, nature preserves and sanctuaries, restaurants, golf courses and so much more. Most out of towners wouldn’t know what the Jersey Coastline has to offer without an experienced and local agent to give them their personal journey. With Atlantic City only 40 minutes away, there is something for everyone on this coastline and Elite Team Realtors are trained by Anamaria to provide an “Elite” experience that not too many other real estate brokers are accustomed or trained to do.

“One thing that keeps me interested in real estate is that there are no two transactions that are the same. Everybody has their own story to tell. Each transaction has its own nuances. Everybody is different, houses are different, and that’s a part of what keeps you motivated.” Anamaria Del Valle’s passion is clear, and her clients attest to it.


Anamaria and her team specialize in clients along the Jersey Shore. She has lived in Hudson County for the majority of her life and built her own home in Stafford Township in 2000. She moved in full-time around 2004 when she took the deep dive into real estate. Anamaria has extensive knowledge of the area and homes for it, making her the go-to real estate broker for those looking to buy or sell in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and Atlantic County.

Elite Team Realty caters to investors and investment properties and has experience with foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. The brokerage did over 150 REO’s for a large and respectable client in 2020 alone, which is impressive considering it was a tough year for the economy. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, looking to buy your first home, retire, or anything in between, Anamaria and her team will provide a wealth of knowledge to assist you in every step along the way.

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